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Our Popular Projects


Android App

Electro Mate

Electro Mate is an basic electronic information related Android app, where you will get all the basic information about electronic components. This app can prove to be very useful for the beginners, because in it all of them will get all the basic information required.

Below you can find some special features of the Electro Mate app.

Electronic Calculation Tools: In this you will find many different tools, which will make your electronic calculation very easy.

Basic Electronic components Information.

Pinout: In this app you can get thousands of Electronic components pinouts, like Transistor, Diode, IC, Microcontroller, Thyristor, Triac and many more.

Port and Contactor: Here you can get Pin configuration of all useful port, contactor and socket.

DIY Project: In this app you will find some basic DIY projects and tutorials that will help you from Beginner to Advanced.

Microcontroller: Learn basic things about microcontroller and Arduino board.

Our Popular Blog


This is a blog published in Gujarati language, where you will get different types of useful information mainly in Gujarati. If you want to get knowledge in Gujarati language, then definitely visit this blog once.

Most Trusted blog by thousands of user.

Here you will find most of the useful information in the regional language Gujarati, along with some information in English.

Safe and Secure Blog and we are not collect any types of user information.

Every day thousands of people get different types useful information from this blog.



All our applications and blogs are connected to secure servers, where none of your data or information is collected or save.

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All Die Tech services or projects are available for free to any user, there is no premium service or member ship available.

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Our main objective is to provide you the information you need in a simple and accurate way. Making money is not our main goal.

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